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Good News: This crazy long hair is getting cut (not really short or anything) on Monday. Thank God.

Good News: This crazy long hair is getting cut (not really short or anything) on Monday. Thank God.

I’ve been in Target way too much lately. Yesterday when I was in Target I stood in line in front of a pair of college students who had not come together, but who went to the same school and ran into each other at the check out. They were talking about why they had each come to wander through Target and their reasons weren’t far off from my own. I decided then and there that it must be a universal rule that women of all ages and from very different walks of life come to Target to de-stress and indulge in relatively painless retail therapy.

This morning when I was in Target again with my sister and a friend we walked down and isle together to witness an actual granny carrying the quintessential pair of granny panties… on a hanger. ¬†Immediate silence fell over the three of us as we all saw at the same time and were trying to decide in our own minds how best to proceed without embarrassing ourselves and this unsuspecting old woman. Eventually Kristin broke the silence by just saying, “something funny, something funny” so that we could all laugh at her and not at granny panties.

I’ve just finished the first steps towards making some sense of my closet. This is going to be quite an undertaking. This evening I unloaded a ton of makeup on Kaylan. I have a ton more to give to Kari and my sister in-law Rachael. There’s still a lot left for my professional kit, which goes a long with my face painting kit, which goes along with my special effects kit. Good lord. I have a lot of space above the high shelf in my closet and I’m trying to decide how best to use that space and if it’s worth doing something besides just stacking organizational boxes up, up and up. We’ll see.

Good night guys, I hope you’re getting to fall asleep to the sound of rain the way I am.

I am Jack’s sensitivity to suggestion.

I went to Target alone and came out with Towels. I has zero plans for shopping anywhere near the towel area, but passed by an end-cap of towels that were clearly being marketed to college students and they were on sale for $3.50.

I’m no college student, but I can’t even remember the last time I bought towels and these were soft (and embarrassingly bright colors, thus the reason for there not being a photo with this entry) and so I arrived home with new towels and wash cloths (also on sale).

(Also- in spite of myself I was drawn to the bright colors of the towels. Something in me was saying, “Really?! Really, with this hot pink and teal when your bathroom colors are so grown up and understated?” while another part of me was saying, “HOT PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNKKKKK!”)

Cute cute cute

I love looking through sales racks, even if I don’t really intend to buy anything, I just love to look just in case there’s some unexpected gem to unearth.

I was recently rummaging through the sales racks at my local Super Target and ran across this lacy baseball tee, I wasn’t completely sure about it, but it was a whopping $3 so I thought it might be worth the risk.

In all honesty, I have serious reservations about taking classically casual looks and trying to dress them up (and vice versa), it just seems kind of pointless. With this particular shirt my only concern was that half the appeal of a baseball tee on a girl is that it isn’t particularly feminine (I believe the same concept applies to girls sleeping in men’s collared button downs, that typical morning-after look) and given how absolutely feminine lace is, I was afraid that it would throw the whole aesthetic, fortunately I don’t think it really does. The top is really cute on! Not really at all in the same way that a regular baseball tee is, but still a good find for 3 bucks! =)

Yesterday Lucky Magazine updated their Facebook status about Rodarte’s collection created for Target, launching Dec. 20th. Rodarte designer sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have created a 55-piece collection for Target’s Go International project.

adekota fanning

Look at Dakota Fanning all gown up in Rodarte for Target leopard print mini-dress in Teen Vogue

If you’re a frequent Target shopper, like myself, you’ll have probably noticed short appearances by designers like Anna Sui, Jovovich-Hawk, and Rogan. Go International features new or young designers, all the collections are limited edition and only stay on the floor for 45 days.

Shoppers are starting to get a sneak-peak and bits and pieces of the collection, the picture to the left was featured in the December issue of Teen Vogue ¬†( Miss Dakota Fanning, I’m so proud!) there have also been sightings of this nude lace cocktail dress and black halter cocktail dress (I’m already in love with both pieces.)

Of Target’s ability to translate Rodarte’s delicate style for the mass market, they claim to have stayed true to the spirit of the lebel, providing attention to detail and a lot of textures.

I’m not usually a fan of decent labels mixing with discount retailers, even though I understand it from a $$$ angle, it still makes me think less of a brand in certain venues. A good example would be BCBG’s designer Max Azria’s recent collaboration with Miley Sirus for Wal-Mart. I’m a big fan of BCBG and I was honestly horrified when I saw this.

Now, it could be partially due to prejudices on my own part ( I can’t stand Wal-Mart or Miley Sirus), but it seems to me that Target has done a really good job of setting themselves apart in the discount retailing market. In my mind, at least, Target ranks quite a few tiers above any other discount retailer I’ve been, with Wal-Mart falling at the very pit of the bottom of that list. There are no circumstances under which, not even out of desperation, I would turn to Wal-Mart for a fast fashion fix, yet I can feel ok, no, ¬†good about trusting Target to follow trend and not lead me too far astray.

I’m not claiming that they’re perfect, there were a few months during the summer when I despaired over the abundance of 80’s inspired mini-dresses and lace leggings, but even in the midst of all of that, I never felt as though a label was mudding it’s name by mixing it with Target.

With all of that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to thank Target for it’s commitment to keeping it’s guests abreast of the latest trends, at prices that don’t suck the life out of us, and for being a discount retailer with some pride. I heart you Target!

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