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I didn’t get the memo, so I felt a little overwhelmed. sex-written-on-blackboard

A fellow single friend of mine text me yesterday morning to tell me that she had gotten herself to church only to be welcomed by a riveting topical sermon entitled, ” The Art of Relationships” given by a couple (in case you’re wondering, this is pretty much every church-going single person’s nightmare).

Later in the day I was in a small group discussing lust, sex outside of marriage, sex inside of marriage, what constitutes as lust, what does not, and what the bible says and doesn’t say about sex and single people.

And finally, last night this passionate blog post about the way youth pastors talk about sex  showed up on twitter.

The common thread, besides the obvious one, was the topic of shame, in all of these discussions and it was really good to hear people talking about getting rid of shame.

My guess is that sex and sexuality are he leading cause of shame within the church universal and I think it’s high time we knock that off.  The truth is… Jesus carried our shame to he cross, he was stripped, beaten and murdered so that we would never have to be ashamed for any reason. When we carry shame or use it to influence others, we stand at the foot of the cross and spit in he face of the Savior.

It needs to stop.

We need to think differently.

And fortunately it looks like a lot of us are ready to.

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