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Good News: This crazy long hair is getting cut (not really short or anything) on Monday. Thank God.

Good News: This crazy long hair is getting cut (not really short or anything) on Monday. Thank God.

I’ve been in Target way too much lately. Yesterday when I was in Target I stood in line in front of a pair of college students who had not come together, but who went to the same school and ran into each other at the check out. They were talking about why they had each come to wander through Target and their reasons weren’t far off from my own. I decided then and there that it must be a universal rule that women of all ages and from very different walks of life come to Target to de-stress and indulge in relatively painless retail therapy.

This morning when I was in Target again with my sister and a friend we walked down and isle together to witness an actual granny carrying the quintessential pair of granny panties… on a hanger.  Immediate silence fell over the three of us as we all saw at the same time and were trying to decide in our own minds how best to proceed without embarrassing ourselves and this unsuspecting old woman. Eventually Kristin broke the silence by just saying, “something funny, something funny” so that we could all laugh at her and not at granny panties.

I’ve just finished the first steps towards making some sense of my closet. This is going to be quite an undertaking. This evening I unloaded a ton of makeup on Kaylan. I have a ton more to give to Kari and my sister in-law Rachael. There’s still a lot left for my professional kit, which goes a long with my face painting kit, which goes along with my special effects kit. Good lord. I have a lot of space above the high shelf in my closet and I’m trying to decide how best to use that space and if it’s worth doing something besides just stacking organizational boxes up, up and up. We’ll see.

Good night guys, I hope you’re getting to fall asleep to the sound of rain the way I am.


Giving these guys a try as I have been having TONS I trouble with my makeup removers/cleansers. For some reason ALL of the ones I’ve used in the last 6 months (and I’ve tried plenty) have burned my eyes. And by burned my eyes I mean irritated to the point that my eyes tear for hours. HOURS!!!

So far (the one time I’ve used them) these have not had that effect.

messy-makeupMaybe it’s just me.

I’ve been cleaning out my always growing cosmetic pile (“you can always unload some of that on me” trust me, I know. I know I can. I have 3 sisters and enough female friends and aquaintances to unload it all).

I need more order. I need more simplicity.

Somewhere on the makeup artist journey I forgot that most “normal” women wear pretty much the same makeup everyday and I want to get back to that myself. I don’t know if this is just a personal problem or a makeup artist problem, or a retail problem. But I’m sick to death of a million and two options. I’m exhausted with trying to decide what to wear on my face and how to wear it, and I want to feel like myself everyday, not feel like I’m putting on a mask every day. I also want/ need to be using the two plus hours I used to spend putting makeup on my face, on other things.

Maybe this is why when I see the famous makeup artists they aren’t ever done up like the makeup they put on other people. They look pretty much the same all of the time.

With all of that in mind I’m going to take this moment to go ahead and mention that even in my efforts to simplify, I will NOT being switching to a bb cream or cc cream. Ladies if you want to drink the kool-aid, by all means help yourself to a big glass, but you will have to do it without me. I know that bb’s and cc’s are all the rage right now (bb= beauty balm, cc= correction cream) but please keep just a couple simple things in mind. No matter what either of these products promise, they are made like primers. Look at the ingredients and remember that primers are built to stay on the surface of your skin. With that said you can safely assume two things-

1.) All of those great skincare benefits your bb’s and cc’s are promising are only going to go so far because the medium they are made in is built to stay on the surface of your skin, not penetrate through.

2.) No matter how much “coverage” they claim, they will not do what a foundation does. If you’re a minimal girl who wants to look like you’re not wearing anything, then it will be fine. If you like coverage you’re not going to be satisfied in the long run unless you use your bb or cc as a primer and put real foundation on top of it.

So let’s recap, bb and cc= Not a replacement for foundation, not a replacement for skincare, not a miracle in a bottle. =)

Lately I feel as though my head is so full that it’s got my body trying to go in three different directions. There are some many things that are important to me. So many things that I not only want to do, but want to do well. 

I’m still at a loss for what to do about my retail job. I mean, I know I need to be in something with more regular business hours. I need to able to do the things I care about doing without feeling like they are a chore because retail sucks the life out of me in a way that makes me feel brain dead at times. 

This isn’t the life I want. And I know, I know. There aren’t many people who truly have the life they want. But when I think about it, I mean really think about it, what are we doing here? Seriously. Think. What are we doing here? I wasn’t put on this planet to survive, I was put on it to live. Yes I have to pay bills, but do I want to get to the end of my life and that’s what I’ve accomplished? Really? 

It’s a lot to try to figure out,  and while I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to figure out, there are about ten things I need to get done before noon, which is when I have to get ready to go to my retail job and do retail things while all of the things that I’m most passionate about politely get put on pause. 

It seems so wrong, pressing pause on passion. Hm. 

I need to do something creative. I need some complex makeup to do, it helps my mind organize, it puts things into order. 

Yesterday was amazing.

Someone should have told me that I would enjoy film-related makeup/wardrobing/writing a LONG time ago. I feel like I’ve been missing the key element that makes all of these little things I’m relatively good at make sense! I love it.

This post isn’t going to go into huge details (that will come later) (probably), however, I wanted to post some pictures and say some thanks.

Super big thanks to my zombie horde: Trey (who’s up-close picture I did not get so if anyone has one I would LOVE to see it, pretty please), Hayden, Ryan, Avi, and Matt. You all suffered the zombification process with reasonable dignity.

Huge thanks to Christina Guevara. my fearless assistant who possesses magical skills in getting people covered in dirt and blood. She was seriously a huge help and has great fashion sense… even zombie fashion sense. Way to get your hands dirty Chrissy! ;>

And last, but certainly not least thank you, thank you, thank you, to the boss himself, Aaron Kirk for the amazing opportunities to do makeup and lots of other stuff in a way that makes me feel better about humanity and not worse (Ha! Except, for real), and for all the fun that comes with it.

photo (5)You know just how important the act of creation is to you when you find that it overrides your nature. This blog is nothing if not a testament to my adoration of all things sparkly, pretty, and girly, and yet, all that girlie stuff doesn’t inspire me artistically the way gross stuff does.

It’s ridiculous how much I’m enjoying getting ready for this next project.

You don’t know how much you enjoy something until you find yourself excited about researching how to DIY puss.

Picture- Last night’s experiment with using glue instead of liquid latex. If you want your actors to like you, I highly recommend only resorting to glue in a pinch.  Pretty uncomfortable on and coming off.

I have been knee-deep (sometimes literally) in working on zombie stuff for the shoot I have coming up March 13th, but today I have to deal with a different kind of hoard. That’s right ladies and gentlemen Prom season 2013 starts today (ridiculously early)! That means non-stop formal makeovers at my day job and being covered to my elbows in glitter by the time I leave.

Teenage girls dealing with what they believe is “the most important day of their life” is exhausting, and that’s on top of the physical exhaustion that comes with doing face, after face, after face. People like to assume that there isn’t much involved physically while you’re doing makeup, allow me to break it down for you like this:

  • Standing for hours on end is hard work. Just to be standing up-right and balanced you’re using your leg, back, and core muscles.
  • Add to that your height and the height of your client. I’m 5 feet tall… most of my clients are a good bit taller than me (even the teenagers). For me there’s usually a good bit of reaching up and standing on tip-toe. For someone taller than me there’s going to be a lot of bending and stooping.
  • Eyes are a very small part of the body and central to any makeup application, especially formal makeup. It requires precision, careful attention to detail and symmetry. Working with steady hands requires a lot of muscle control in the arms. You know that feeling you get in your arms after you’ve been holding a curling iron in your hair and you’re only half done? Try doing that on six different people back to back, only you’re holding a tiny brush and trying to make things like very straight and even lines… while all of the muscles in your body are working to keep you balanced because you are either bending over your client or reaching up to them.
  • Engaging the creative part of your brain, while exciting and seemingly effortless for an artist, is very draining. There are TONS of things at work all at once in your head when you are working on a face. You’re balancing colors against each other, you’re considering the over-all look, facial structure, light and shadow, where to enhance and what to cover, and then filing through lists of products and narrowing it down to what is appropriate to use.
  • Last- running from product… we’ve all worn pedometers in the store and it’s amazing how many miles you can walk without even realize it just moving around the store gathering product.

Now consider all of that going on at one time, with the pressure of mothers standing in watching every move you make and asking questions the whole way through, and a client who expects that by the time you’re finished with her she’s going to look in the mirror and see Taylor Swift looking back at her. It’s hard work. Be kind to your artists =).

zombie prom

IMG_5615It’s not spring yet, but hopefully it comes sooner than later. The last several months have brought on a lot of change and a lot of new opportunities. I’m changing directions just a bit with this blog, I want to make it a bit more of a personal space instead of just about my adventures in all things cosmetic.  It begins with this post.

To explain what’s been going on the past several months would take a lot of time and a LOT of words… no one really wants to read that much (seriously, you don’t), so I’m going to back up just to December and fill in a few blanks and then move forward. Forward… I find myself using that word a lot lately, when what I really want to do is press pause indefinitely. Anyway…

So December- The month I learned that face painting is fun but people are not. I don’t want to seem unkind when I saw this, so let me set the stage, if you will. I volunteered to do face painting for Whoville at the Georgetown Christmast Stroll. Whoville is a Seuss-themed kids area donated by a local church for the Stroll. The part that is really cool is that it’s free to all of the communities children, that way everyone can participate and have fun and not worry during the busy holiday season about it costing a dime.  I was and am glad to have donated my time and abilities to this kind of project because I believe it makes an impact on the people within my immediate community.  Unfortunately, the hardest part of a day of non-stop painting for about 10 hours is the unforgiving attitude of parents waiting in line. It’s amazing how willing people who are getting something for free are to make demands. Again, I don’t say it to be unkind, if I had it to do all over, I would do it the same. It’s just one of those lessons you learn.

January- I was given the opportunity to do makeup for a short film a friend of mine was making. This really turned out to be gem of an opportunity, actually. Through it I found a makeup process that I really enjoy. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the other areas of makeup that I’ve worked in, it’s just that moment where you find an area that really inspires you, drives you… that sweet spot where you feel connected and like you’ve just found your groove. As a result of that gig, I’ve joined a production team and will be working on more film related projects in the future. Which leads me to…

February-  February was a busy month (she says on the 1st of March). In some sense I feel like I just barely made it out alive. I’ve had a really emotional month because I’ve had to come to terms with some changes that need to be made and I unapologetically hate change.  It’s time for me to put my career in retail to rest. This isn’t something that I haven’t seen coming for some time now, but, as it turns out, it’s not easy to get out of.  This month I’ve made some pretty solid steps towards making it happen. It makes me nervous. I have a really difficult time convincing myself, sometimes, that I can take on new things and makeup is something I know forwards and backwards. So while all of the drama of retail work is a huge drain on me personally, at least I can rest easy in knowing that I have the skills to get the job done. I need a more regular schedule though, I need the freedom (financial and otherwise) to be able to invest more of mine time into things I’m really passionate about, and retail doesn’t jive with any of that. I’ve learned a lot of really valuable lessons while working in retail, and for what it’s taught me about communication and being able to listen to people I am very grateful. I have just come to understand that personally and professionally, one of the best things for me is to know when to say when. Better news from February… I got to spend several days in Florida with some of my favorite people and mentors, which was refreshing and inspired a great deal of hope in me. I’m also working on a really cool music video project for which I get to create zombies, and let me tell you, I’m shocked to realize how much I enjoy creating gross stuff.  I’ve been hard at work on wardrobing for these creatures and in some other creative process for the video and it’s going to pretty cool. I’ll post pictures when I have some worth posting.

That’s it for now. A bit of a ramble, I know, but I’m just in a rambling kind of place in life right now. Roll with it, I’m trying to.

I suppose this “what I’ve been doing post is long over-due… I haven’t even checked the date on my last post to know exactly how over-due it is, but oh well. Here I am.

This has been a blur of a summer for me… I’ve been traveling, going through major work changes and working on some new project, it’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun!

I certainly don’t mean to leave this blog high and dry and hopefully with the arrival of August will come a little breathing room.

Until I can get around to full review…

Anyone who’s read much of this blog should know that I adore Make Up Forever Face and Body foundation… this will go down in the history of my life as my all time favorite foundation. However, lately I’ve had the opportunity to try some new foundations and there’s at least one worth mentioning. Many have not, in my opinion, added up… simply because I cannot stand the way they feel on my face, I don’t like the feeling of having smeared pancake batter all over myself.

If you are like me and have issues with the texture of liquid foundations, while you are shopping (and after you have tried Make Up Forever Face and Body) (I swear I am NOT getting paid to pimp Face and Body) check out YSL’s Teint Resist.  This foundation is lightweight, water-based, doesn’t necessarily have to be set with powder and an extraordinary amount of coverage using very little product. Also, it lasts all day, and I really do mean all day.

I don’t think I’ve given YSL’s cosmetic line enough credit… Often I find myself seeing fashion houses with cosmetic lines a bit fluffy. The products tend to be fancier than they are effective, so you’re paying mostly for the name. However this YSL product lives up to its price tag. Check it out! =)

This morning I’m having some difficulty getting myself awake, fortunately Bumble and Bumble staying spray insures that my hair is at least manageable even if my face is sleepy!


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