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I don’t write about it much, but in general I don’t enjoy grocery stores. I do appreciate what I can purchase at Whole Foods, but this article is hilarious to me because it’s so, so true. Enjoy. =)

And this is what I saw… “Heaven and earth will sing of Your glory…”












True Story– Happening right here and now in the campus coffee shop at Concordia University in Irvine, California.

So cool to get to reconnect with Jim Burroway of BoxTurtleBulletin! We had some great conversations last year, so glad he made it back this year!



I don't look like this right now. At all. It's just a curl reference.

I don’t look like this right now. At all. It’s just a curl reference.

I eat eggs for breakfast a lot.

They seem to be one of the best things to have before I go to work and can’t ever be sure when my break will fall. I’m pretty simple about them, I like them scrambled on toast, or scrambled in breakfast tacos. The trouble is that at random I really hate them, and I can’t figure out why. There are some days, and I’m not doing anything different on those days, trust me, that they just taste gross. It’s annoying.


So next week I’m going to start swimming laps. Hopefully. The next several weeks are pretty busy for me and I have a lot on my mind. I feel like the water will help relieve some of the mind pressure, but it’s also exhausting, so I’m trying to be balanced about it. My goal is to get to the pool Tuesday and Thursday (at quite a painful hour of the morning).

I have to admit that lap pools totally intimidate me. I’m a good swimmer, but I’m by no means a great one and you get those people in there who have been swimming forever or who take it very seriously and look like they are training for the olympics and I’m pretty sure to them I look fairly ridiculous. I mean, it’s not really important how I look to them, but still. It’s intimidating. Usually in these situations I just have to steel myself against all of the alarms going off in my head about what people may or may not be seeing/thinking and just dive in (no pun intended).


I leave for California the 19th and I’m trying to prepare myself to pack next week. My work schedule is such that if I don’t plan to pack, bit by bit, early, then I will be rushing at the last minute and forget something important. I’m really going to try packing lightly… kind of.  As lightly as I can manage to get away with. Trimming down the makeup I’m using is definitely going to help with that, but now I have to consider hair stuff. I don’t know if in cutting back on the makeup I’ve somehow transfered some of the product usage to my hair, but I kind of have a lot of hair stuff to deal with. The only thing that I’m really torn about taking is my clampless curling iron. I like the soft curls. Hmm.


I know this is just what you all wanted to read about this morning, random hatred of eggs, packing and hair, but I woke up with so much on my mind and my heart. It felt like I had been sleeping with a huge rock on my chest. It wasn’t really worry so much as concern for too much all at once. Sometimes life doesn’t give us any sort of break and no matter where we look, everything is changing, everything is dying and being reborn at the same time. It’s exciting, but there are moments when it feels like a crushing weight because you don’t know what will come next.

As my sister often says,

Oh great God give us rest.

What to do during a stormy evening? Take a walk and take pictures of course. (There will probably be more soon)










Mmm fresh coffee, and it's fancy!

While at home the last several days my youngest sister, Kaylan, arranged for some of us to meet for breakfast at this charming little restaurant in downtown Round Rock called Friar Tuck’s pantry.

The place was absolutely adorable! It was quiet and cozy inside with dark wood floors and shelving and neatly arranged chairs and tables. It’s the type of place that you desperately hope that it gets enough business, but not so much that it isn’t just as quiet and comfortable as it is right now, all the time.

Geniusly, in the back there was an area for families with small children to sit and enjoy their food while their children played at a kids table with a little kitchen and other toys to entertain them.

My sister’s kids made a bee-line for the kids area and we didn’t hear a peep out of them the entire time!

The coffee bar

The coffee was amazing, there was so much to be excited about in this little place that I was having a hard time paying attention to details, but I believe it was french press. It was so good that it felt a little criminal to sweeten it (with cute little sugar cubes) and add cream.  The taste was brilliant, rich and inviting. I’m really going to miss that coffee here in dallas.

The breakfast menu is small, but you’re not left with the feeling that something’s missing, instead it’s difficult to choose what to have.  Kaylan had visited the place for lunch the day before and she said that the lunch menu was just as lovely.

We really had a wonderful time, so if you are in the area, make an effort to stop by, it will be worth it, I promise!

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