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Everything… EVERYTHING tastes better when it comes from the farmers market. (Meant to post this last night)

Sunday is my cooking for the week day. I’m cooking and freezing a bunch of stuff for meals through the week. Meatloaf, polenta, and some sort of sauce for pasta.

My haul:


This is why I really hate working late.

It’s 10:25 and though normally at this time of night I would have just read half a page of one of the books stacked on my beside table and my eyes would already have started becoming heavy, tonight I am about to blog about my day just hoping that reliving it all will be enough to push me to mental exhaustion. My body is already there.

If this doesn’t work I might be forced to kick it old school and heat some milk. Grim.

photo (14)

I’ve been watching and rewatching videos of Liz (Lopez) Dorries, a local pro disc golfer, drive. My drive is the one thing that I really wanted to tackle this summer in my disc golf game. I don’t play with any heavily experiences female players, so watching youtube videos has really been the only way for me to see what proper form looks like.

After a few conversations with the mister who fathered me into the game (wow– my random brain is trying to draw parallels between how vampires are “made” and how one gets sucked into disc golf, but I really shouldn’t go there) I realized that my hips weren’t doing what they should. Between watching and conversation I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do. I went out this morning, early, to see if I could manage, and manage I did. I managed to make myself good and sore.

I got the hip rotation down really well and my drives improved a lot! I am still loooooving my Innova Krait, I get my longest drives throwing it. I took all of my drivers and over-all, better form means all of the discs perform better. Woohoo! As a bonus for all of my hard work, my outer thigh muscles and obliques are decimated, I’d said earlier today that I thought a little night time stretch would take care of it, but I don’t have as much faith that it will now. We’ll see in the morning, but I was also sure that my arm wasn’t going to be sore at all, and it’s not the way it usually is. Most times I throw my shoulder and elbow get a little worn out. Both of those parts are fine tonight, but my right bicep is achey.

In other news… I had chik’n nuggests for dinner that were, apparently, made out of some kind of fungi according to the packaging. Meatless and soy-less. They weren’t bad. I also had macaroni and cheese and salad. I must eat a lot more leafy greens than I give myself credit for. Yesterday when asked what her Aunt Katie’s favorite food was, Tessa replied with total confidence and a hint of exasperation “Salad. She always wants salad.” If a 4 year old notices, it’s got to be a lot.

This was an experiment totally worth the effort (which was minimal). I recommend these to everyone, they taste great, are simple to make and a great alternative to ice cream.

The recipe I used is here. I should mention this is a SWEET recipe. There are some that aren’t sweet.

Quick version below…



I don't look like this right now. At all. It's just a curl reference.

I don’t look like this right now. At all. It’s just a curl reference.

I eat eggs for breakfast a lot.

They seem to be one of the best things to have before I go to work and can’t ever be sure when my break will fall. I’m pretty simple about them, I like them scrambled on toast, or scrambled in breakfast tacos. The trouble is that at random I really hate them, and I can’t figure out why. There are some days, and I’m not doing anything different on those days, trust me, that they just taste gross. It’s annoying.


So next week I’m going to start swimming laps. Hopefully. The next several weeks are pretty busy for me and I have a lot on my mind. I feel like the water will help relieve some of the mind pressure, but it’s also exhausting, so I’m trying to be balanced about it. My goal is to get to the pool Tuesday and Thursday (at quite a painful hour of the morning).

I have to admit that lap pools totally intimidate me. I’m a good swimmer, but I’m by no means a great one and you get those people in there who have been swimming forever or who take it very seriously and look like they are training for the olympics and I’m pretty sure to them I look fairly ridiculous. I mean, it’s not really important how I look to them, but still. It’s intimidating. Usually in these situations I just have to steel myself against all of the alarms going off in my head about what people may or may not be seeing/thinking and just dive in (no pun intended).


I leave for California the 19th and I’m trying to prepare myself to pack next week. My work schedule is such that if I don’t plan to pack, bit by bit, early, then I will be rushing at the last minute and forget something important. I’m really going to try packing lightly… kind of.  As lightly as I can manage to get away with. Trimming down the makeup I’m using is definitely going to help with that, but now I have to consider hair stuff. I don’t know if in cutting back on the makeup I’ve somehow transfered some of the product usage to my hair, but I kind of have a lot of hair stuff to deal with. The only thing that I’m really torn about taking is my clampless curling iron. I like the soft curls. Hmm.


I know this is just what you all wanted to read about this morning, random hatred of eggs, packing and hair, but I woke up with so much on my mind and my heart. It felt like I had been sleeping with a huge rock on my chest. It wasn’t really worry so much as concern for too much all at once. Sometimes life doesn’t give us any sort of break and no matter where we look, everything is changing, everything is dying and being reborn at the same time. It’s exciting, but there are moments when it feels like a crushing weight because you don’t know what will come next.

As my sister often says,

Oh great God give us rest.

Do your worst Saturday.

Do your worst Saturday.

I was tempted to do 21 and use the lyrics from Alanis Morissette’s 21 Things, but I have to start doing my face in a minute so I don’t really have the time for that.

5 Things I am going to attempt to do today:

1.) Stay in a good mood (whatever nonsense work my bring). I slept really well, so well I don’t remember what I dreamed, which is… so weird and rare for me.  I feel like I can handle today.

2.) Buy a bathing suit. This may very well undo #1… Seriously, seriously. Ugh. I’ve made the choice to go with something more athletic than frilly. First, because I’m not ready for frilly, I still have lots of work to do. And second, I’m about to start swimming laps with a friend and I feel like that calls for functional more than frills, and I don’t want to have to buy two.

3.) Wear turquoise eye liner. This is actually something that doesn’t require an attempt, I’m just going to do it, and I do it pretty well, to tell the truth.

4.) Enjoy the moment I am in. That sounds a lot more flowery than I mean it to… ugh. I just want to take time to realize that there are good things around me.

5.) Eat a lot of vegetables.

The End

Lunch at Wasabi- Hot tea, egg drop soup, and chicken with mixed vegetables. This was their lunch portion which amazes me. I didn’t order fried rice, I’d assumed it would come with steamed rice, oh well. I was also a little disappointed that my hot tea didn’t come with a little tea pot. I love that.
I realize this isn’t much of an adventure, but its the best I’ve got today.

Oh, and my fortune cookie was empty.




Today I went to Pluckers for the first time ever. I’m not really a hot wings restaurant/sports bar type of girl, but this was a pretty good time.

Balance is a huge theme in my life, I believe that to truly be healthy you have to intend to be balanced and take time to enjoy what’s around you, but have enough discipline not to over-indulge.

In that spirit I’ve recently learned that I love onion rings. I prefer the thicker kind to the kind of stringy kind you’ll see here. I also got a little lesson in soccer playing/watching.

20130525-142024.jpg Lunch companions : Jesse, Kaylan and Kristin

20130525-142137.jpg The baby beer is mine. It’s Dos Equis not Miller.

20130525-142527.jpg Kaylan and the huge beer.

20130525-142716.jpg food

20130525-142737.jpg soccer!

I’ve been on a fruit kick lately. I’ll admit that I don’t do as well with fruits as I do with veggies (except for those “vegetables” that are actually fruit, like tomato…. and avocado… anyway), but lately I’ve made more of an effort to snack on fruit.

This morning I decided to go on a google hunt for 10 reasons to eat fruit (as if we really need 10) and what I found was the same list over and over again, and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t all that spectacular. It was stuff everyone knows and just chooses to ignore anyway. We all know fruit is good for us, we know that eating more natural foods can help us maintain healthy weight/avoid disease/make us feel better (if you don’t know these things, go ahead and google “10 reasons to eat fruit”).  So, being unimpressed with this one list that just kept popping up everywhere, I’ve decided to create my own! Enjoy (as you munch an apple).

10 PrettySmart reasons (you may never have thought of) to eat fruit:

  1. Fruit is a great work snack because it’s quick and gives you a burst of energy.
  2. Fruit’s packaging is biodegradable.
  3. Eating fruit will give you great skin! If you’ve tried every skincare product on the market and aren’t getting the results you’re looking for add a healthy dose of fruit and water.
  4. Making an effort to eat more fruit will mean having to spend more time in the produce department of your grocery store, a place you might not have frequented much in the past, and make increase your chances of meeting men/women that you would have otherwise missed.
  5. Eating fruit may help curb your craving for chocolate/cookies/cake/candy and other sweets.
  6. Fruit is sexy and can be worn as an accessory when not being eaten (see Carmen Miranda at the bottom).
  7. If you’ve ever worked with smokers and been frustrated by the fact that they get WAY more breaks than you, taking fruit breaks is your chance to even the score.
  8. Fruit can be used as a weapon if you carry it with you at all times for a random snack. Acidic fruits can be squeezed in the eyes of an attacker, apples and oranges may be thrown, and nobody messes with the woman wielding the pineapple!
  9. Fruit is inexpensive and the money you save purchasing it instead of your usual junk food can be saved and spent on shoes/bags/cosmetics instead.
  10. There’s research that supports eating fruit will support a healthy sex drive.


I’m going to be ordering this from Amazon as soon as it becomes available, and I’m going to feel pretty cool about it.

They have one that is in pinker colors, which I think is available right now, but I like this style better.

You know that your coffee snobbery has reached an all time high when you start looking into cup accessories (but let’s face it, I’m one of those who HAS to have a sleeve, or if I order an Americano I want it double cupped AND to have a sleeve otherwise it burns my little hand right off and that’s just wasteful! Hooray for being responsible!).

After a much needed break and time to get through the holidays in one piece I have returned with pictures to catch you up to speed…

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