Ever since the great time change of doom I’ve been setting my alarm to wake me up in the morning.

I’m typically a 7am riser which, according to my peers seems to be ridiculously early. I know people who rise and shine much earlier than that, so I don’t know what the big deal is. *I’ve just always been someone who can’t sleep in.

(* I feel it’s important to clarify that while I can’t sleep in, and I get up and get moving, I am not, I repeat, NOT a morning person by traditional definitions. I don’t sing like Cinderella to the birds in the morning. I don’t usually want to talk much. I’m pretty sure I developed the habit if waking early so that I could have peace and quite to prepare myself for the jarring experience of having to go out into the world and deal with people. Understand, you might see me bright eyed and conversational at 7am, but if you do it’s because I’ve gotten up at 5am in preparation.)

Lately, however I have not been sleeping exceptionally well and with the whole springing forward business I have found myself waking up around 8:30am and I can’t take it.

I started with a 7am alarm and now I’ve moved it back to 6:30… I don’t mean to take it earlier than 6am. We shall see.

Today is hair day for me.

Lighter hair, but hairs… lots of cut hairs. =)

No, no, I’m not going short by any means, I’ve got a lot of hair to spare and so some of it needs to go. I’m ready for something different. Pictures to follow, probably later this afternoon.