I find it hilarious how that title makes me sound, it may only be a little bit true…

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my grand entrance into the world. It wasn’t really about just wanting a ton of attention, I did things with very small groups of people, really. Mostly it was just that for the first time in my life I feel really good about my age. When I was younger I always felt I should be old and in the past couple of years I have felt terrified about what it “should” mean to be in my 30’s.

For some reason 33 feels good and full of hope and big things.

So I celebrated by laughing with the people I am close to, eating great food, listening to beautiful music, being outside and hugging my nieces and nephews whose thoughtfulness and abundant love are amazing to me.

I hope this year will be one I never forget. Here are a few picture highlights.