I had/have the great honor of being raised by two individuals who were/are vehemently FOR people.

My parents, much to the frustration of some, always found a way to put people first– This meant that the house was often messy, sometimes there were people living on our couch, we always cooked in bulk so that we could feed any and everyone who just showed up, and yes, people sometimes just showed up unannounced and my parents welcomed them in. It meant that as often as we could we adjusted our plans in life to put people before all the things we were “supposed to do”.

Some people didn’t get it.

Some people said it was irresponsible.

I believe that it was a gift from God and I am so thankful that the attitude of being for people is something that has had a powerful influence on my life.

Today was filled with being for people.

I’ll share some of my favorite parts in photos. =)