Sunday was an awesome day.

ProjectJAIA  had it’s very first photo booth event and it was GREAT.  It’s really cool getting to see something you’ve only imagined come to life that way, it’s cool to see people get it and want to be involved, but the best part for me was hearing the teenagers from my group talk to other people about it.

Hearing them explain it.

Hearing them tell their own stories.

I can’t even really put into words how proud of them I felt, or how excited it made me to see God working through them to minister to other people, because at the end of the day, that’s what they were doing.

And post photo booth it’s been kind of fantastic hearing their ideas for how we can do more. What else can we do with this project, how else can we show people God’s love?

So great! Days like that make me feel connected and like I am starting to understand what God has me here for and it’s a really amazing place to be.