I need some room to breathe.

I need some space in my head.

This afternoon I created a list of things that I am going to do instead of thinking about men. I am sharing this list here because… well you’ll see.

1.) Procure a yellow bicycle and ride it. A lot.

2.) Read lots of fiction that doesn’t have anything to do with a love story.

3.) Take time to go out and take pictures of things and people, but NOT couples.

4.) Vacuum on a more regular basis.

5.) Blog every single day even if I’d rather crawl in bed. 

6.) Make my bed every day so that it’s easier to do number 5.

7.) Buy new clothes.

8.) Look pretty for myself and not anyone else.

9.) Invest more in my female friendships and not care that half of them are with married women.

10.) Write a damned book.