I have been “pinning” like crazy the last couple of weeks.

Project Just As I Am  uses Pinterest. We pin encouraging phrases, quotes, and scripture to help remind people on a daily basis to love God and love each other. In order to keep it fresh I search through one “Words To Live By” board after another looking for pretty, readable, interesting pictures with words on them, basically.

A couple of mornings ago it occurred to me that Pinterest boards are kind of like a secret  window to a woman’s heart and mind. Especially when it comes to the boards we create for words. It’s been really entertaining and eye-opening during my search to watch the mood shifts that happen on a board of words. You’ll be skimming through and there will be a series of bright, enthusiastic statements of faith, strength, empowerment and then a row or two down suddenly every pin has to do with having your heart broken, being lonely, with lots of depictions of rain and dark oceans.

My personal boards are no exception. I mean, I steer clear of declarations of female empowerment as much as possible because it’s just not my thing, but I do enjoy a good quote about bravery right next to one that expresses just how hurt my heart is at the moment.

Roll all of those words into a collection of tutorials on how to make your own face masks, wall art put together with shoe laces, paper clips and a string of Christmas lights, and more shoes, clothes and DIY furniture projects than you’d see in a year of watching HGTV and QVC and it starts to feel like chaos.

Because it is.

Sometimes I amaze myself with how many different emotions I can feel at one time.  I might be really sad about an element of a specific relationship, while I am excited and encouraged by a project that I’m working on, concerned for one of my students, proud of my nephews or nieces, worried about something that is happening later that day and how it will work out, angry at a sibling, amused by something a friend just text me, frustrated that I can’t think of a particular word that will perfectly articulate what I’m trying to say in an important email, and that’s all packed into sixty seconds of my day because in the next sixty seconds any one or all of those can shift, change places, or be replaced by something totally new.

I don’t know how the male mind works, I really don’t. I have no real idea if it’s at all the same, but I suspect it’s profoundly different. No less complex, just different, and after days of going through other women’s Pinterest boards, I feel a great deal more compassion for the men who are trying to understand us.