Last night I meant to post about the Dad and Daughter who sat at the bar in Starbucks. There was just something really… beautiful about it, as simple as it was. She was sipping cocoa and doing homework. He was drinking something, no doubt, stronger than cocoa and helping. She couldn’t have been more than 9 and they both smiled and laughed as they got through her work together.

This afternoon I saw the sun on everything. It was lighting people’s faces as they drove across from me on the road, so much so they shielded their eyes. It was making weeds and brush look like fields of gold growing out of the ground that swayed in the breeze on my walk this evening.

I saw a tiny newborn smiling in her sleep and looking completely and utterly content and I tried to remember what that must feel like.

I saw blue sky.

I saw my dog get burs in his hair from being too curious.

I saw my nephew dressed as Mario and practicing his best Mario voice.

I saw a lot of people rushing around.

Right now what I want to see is the inside of my eye lids because I am sore from head to toe. My arms are done for from baby holding and my legs are worn out from walking. My mind just wants a break from all of the things it has found to worry over the past few days, and I just want a break from missing someone who I’m not sure if I’m supposed to miss anymore.

The last thing of note I saw tonight was the stars.

There was no moon where I was, just a million twinkling little stars… it made me think.  It’s nice to see the moon, it’s makes the night less scary when everything is bathed in moonlight, and the darkness has a glow about it.  The thing is that the moon is just one big, bright, shiny thing and it might be comforting to have it there making everything less dark and confusing, but when it’s gone you get to see what else is out there and how many possibilities there are, even if they are small and far off.

Good night, guys. Rest well, and I hope you get to see lots of stars in the days to come.