photo (7)Tonight I went to dinner with my Dad and then into Barns & Noble.  I really love hanging out with my dad, especially in the middle of meeting new man friends, or at least trying to and not getting too far. Spending time with Dad reminds me that there are decent men, somewhere, and that they don’t have to be perfect, just perfect for me.

Being around my Dad is so easy, we eat dinner, we talked about random things, we make observations about the people around us and it’s just comforting.

In our after-dinner-wandering through B&N we hung out for some time in the “Christian Living” section of the store. We found the book about interpreting dreams (which somehow isn’t really about interpreting dreams at all) and both started snickering at the titles of chapters, but especially when I noticed that nightmares and dirty dreaming had been rolled into one chapter. As if they naturally just go arm-in-arm.

Maybe for some people they do, I don’t know. It was fun though and I enjoyed the time with my Daddy-O.