Today was my friend Jenny’s bridal shower. I was one of the hostess, although the Maid of Honor (also a very good friend) did all of the work and she did a beautiful job of it. It was lovely and I am unspeakably happy for my friend.

We are all so grown up now.

I remember being children with these girls and realize that that doesn’t happen much anymore. People don’t keep friends for as long, or really I guess most people can’t keep them as long. They move away, they lose track of people I guess. I am fortunate to still be close to many of the people I grew up with.

All the wedding stuff makes me want to sit on Pinterest and pin wedding things even though I am not close to getting married myself.  I can’t even manage, at least yet, go on a date that amounts to anything much, which is kind of frustrating. I keep wanting to ask people where all of the men are actually hiding, because I have no idea where to find them. I’m doing all that I know to do and still. Here we are.

I can’t believe that Saturday is almost over.

Time to shop for glasses since mine got eaten.