It’s funny how heartbreak can linger deep down somewhere and you can go long periods of time and not feel it, but then something touches it and it’s like a bruise you’ve forgotten is there until something presses in on it.

Tonight I saw Les Miserables at the Zach Theater in Austin with two of my sisters, my 9 year old niece, my Aunt, my Dad and a friend. That dull heartache pain hit me at the show when the very talented actress playing Eponine sang On My Own and my Dad reached over and put his hand on my arm.

That song always gets to me and my Dad was just being thoughtful, it just touched something achey deep inside.

I did realize something tonight though. I have this weird rule about not going on dates to movies because it doesn’t make sense, during a get-to-know-you phase, to go and sit in the dark for two hours and not be allowed to talk. Tonight, however, made me realize that I feel completely different about theater and if someone wanted to ask me out and take me to that type of theater, I would be more than a little pleased to go. I know it’s a wee bit hypocritical of me, but somehow it’s different.  I don’t claim to know a lot about the stage, but I do like it and I appreciate the grown-up-ness of it.

So there you have it. If you know anyone interested it taking a pretty girl to a play, send them my way. =)