This is one of my personal favorite memories and stories, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. =)

Dating Katie Brown

Corey McCain will go down in dating history as both one of the best and worst first dates you could possibly get yourself into.

Back when MySpace was the place to be I had a profile where I posted music and spent a lot of time changing the order of my top friends. Who knows how you met people on MySpace, really? The chat system was open and security was low, so random strangers were always checking profiles and looking for someone to talk to.

It wasn’t uncommon to find yourself in a conversation with a person you had no real connection to at all, who wasn’t even the friend of a friend, because this was before the day Facebook gave us the convenience of being able to check ‘Mutual Friends’ before we allowed someone into our virtual bubble.

A girl had to be on her guard, there was no…

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