photo (6)In which I will probably not say anything deep or profound.

I’ve pretty much booked myself solid from now until January, which is a good thing, except when Im really tired and haven’t eaten as well as I should have recently. I felt at my best last night after yoga and it just made me want to commit to doing yoga every night. Every single one.

Dating is proving to be sufficiently exhausting.

It’s not that I expected it to be something else, I mean, meeting new people can wear a person out, you know, except when it doesn’t. So I’m pressing forward with that waiting for the person who makes me feel energized and enthused. Of course when I say those words I realize there’s a significant flaw in my plan.  That makes it seem like I’m looking for someone who’s bouncing off the walls and that is definitely not the case for me.

Tonight is Le Mis with the sisters, the niece, the aunt, and the father. It should be fun.

Now to get through lunch.