Long day of church, family, random food (funerals and potlucks always kill me, my body isn’t made for these things).

I need to go to bed but I keep thinking about how this evening in the car Tessa and Shelby were talking about God and Tessa said she thought God looked “strong with puffy hair”.  I love those girls more than most things in this world and it literally delights me to hear them talk about God without being prompted. It was exactly what I needed to hear right then.

I decided that rather than change things up here again, because I talk about a lot of random things here with no particular theme in mind, and I like it that way, that I would start a second blog for all of my dating adventures. Because yeah, I’m dating now. I haven’t been dating in a while due to… well. A lot. But a lot has changed recently and I am dating and it’s going to be interesting and funny if nothing else, so should you feel the sudden and irrepressible urge to know  what it’s like to be Dating Katie Brown swing by and say hello. =)