This is my tiny turtle comfort bracelet.

Your sister gives you a tiny turtle comfort bracelet and a Russell Stovers coconut cream chocolate pumpkin after a day where you let built up pain leak out of you in what seems like a never ending stream of tears.

Where you watch ducks and have trouble finishing sentences.And that’s ok.

In a day where retail therapy comes in the form of Roxy tennis shoes, a third, light-weight hoodie from Old Navy because you love them, and the last three seasons of Sex and The City for $4.99 each.

A day where you drink coffee and walk around the square in the rain and where you just let the world stop for a while. Where text messages from good friends help heal, and being surrounded by used books and bad music is the best place on earth.

And at 1am, when you finally lay down, you know you’re laying down more than just to sleep, but that this day was a milestone, you survived it, and now it’s time to put it all to rest, let it pass into yesterday while you move onto whatever comes next.