… Which sounds better than, “I’m sick, yo.” And that was my first title choice, but because I’m watching photo (4)Love Actually and listening to all the british accents so you get the above instead.

I don’t do sick very well.

Fortunately I have everything I need to ensure a restful evening. It’s cloudy and it was raining a little earlier. I have chicken noodle soup, bananas, and lots of fluids and books. Books are important at this stage, very important.

If I don’t have books to entertain me I’ll start to think about all of the things that frustrated this week, and more. Movies aren’t enough of a distraction… I’m watching a movie and writing this.  Books keep my mind much busier and I like that.

Meanwhile, for reasons unknown to me, for the last 45 minutes my neighbors have been pounding on the floor. I cannot for the life of me figure out what in the world they are doing.  I would love it if they would stop now though.

And Yeah. That’s a whole bunch of bananas on my bed.