IMG_8933Hard day… 

Still sniffly, but the sore throat is almost totally gone, thank God. 

Disappointment is one of my worst enemies and it wins a lot. 

I do not want to work tomorrow. I really, really don’t… I kind of wish I could press fast forward and then I think, “yeah, but maybe something amazing is going to happen tomorrow!” but that feeling doesn’t last very long. Truth. It’s a battle. 

I went to the store earlier and bought three different kinds of beverage (I was that thirsty)… halfway through the three I realized what a pour decision that was so close to bedtime. Yay me. 

I wonder how many of my friends skim through these types of blog posts where it appears I’m not saying anything of real importance or value? I mean, I don’t know if I blame them. I skim things sometimes, so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. 

I need a day of rest. A real sabbath. Seriously. I have a lot of things I need to process and extreme busyness over the last several months has made it necessary to put a lot of things in the dusty back corners of my mind. It’s nearing a time of pulling them to the front and facing them, come what may. One day at a time… really, one second at a time, if I’m being honest. Because I need every one of those seconds not to feel like I am crumbling from the inside out sometimes. Like my skin is literally holding a bunch of dislodged pieces together underneath. Which sounds super dramatic until you pay attention to the fact that I said sometimes. It’s very likely that this one bad day will just be one bad day and tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling like myself. 

Advil PM. 

I judge people for not eating fresh food. I don’t mean like you picked from your own garden, I just think everyone should eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Come. On. 

I shouldn’t judge people.