41 Things You May Not Know About Me (right… you probably do, oh well):

1.) I love odd numbers and starting things at random. The whole New Years resolution thing is so frustrating to me because I think of it has procrastination and laziness. Sorry if resolutions are your thing. My feelings are that if you want to change something, do something new, what have you, if you need the motivation of starting on a certain day, “Starting Monday”, “Beginning next month” “When New Years comes” etc., then it’s not something that’s going to last. When you really want to see change, it’s accompanied (at least for me) by the desire to start today, right now, this very moment. Hence the random start of 365 Days and creating this list on day 41 which isn’t special at all.

2.) Not drinking caffeine sucks with furious passion. I know it’s better for me, I’ve been getting truly amazing sleep.

3.) I say things like “sucks with a furious passion” which a.) it’s important to know didn’t sound dirty in my head, and b.) makes me seem unlady-like because c.) I’m not changing it even after I’ve realized that it kind of sounds dirty.

4.) I feel lately that my hair has gotten too long. Like it’s gone beyond the point of “ooh pretty long hair” and is beginning to look as though I have been stranded on a deserted island for months and haven’t had the means or time (you know with protecting myself from wild beasts and hunting for food and all) to cut it. Hair this long seems only appropriate on super models. I’m not a super model, btw.

5.) I do not like Breaking Bad. I might have mentioned this a couple hundred times on Facebook, but in case you missed it, or were wondering, “Hey, I wonder if Katie Brown likes her some Breaking Bad on a Sunday evening?” the answer is unequivocally, no. No she does not.

6.) I look really good in navy, indigo, and other forms of deep blue. Or so I’ve been told.

7.) I wish that other people could take pictures of me as well as I take pictures of myself. Granted it’s hard to be little more than a floating head in pictures you take of yourself and it’s even more challenging to not fall prey to the predictable “selfie” pose, but one can manage a good, honest, picture of yourself. If we could learn to do this for one another… ugh.

8.) Seriously though, I love taking pictures. I like them to be interesting. Especially the pictures I take of other people. I’m not awesome yet, but I like taking pictures of other people that are both flattering and candid.

9.) I know that I just did a list post a couple of days ago, and I’ve given exactly two thoughts to whether or not doing a second one today that is just about me is excessive in it’s listy-ness and a little narcissistic considering this one isn’t about my day, it’s 9:10 am I haven’t had a day yet, it’s just about me and in both instances I have decided without hesitation that it’s perfectly ok.

10.) I listen to Icona Pop and squealed last night when they were on America’s got talent, which I don’t watch with any regularity, but was lucky to catch their performance. This is a deep dark secret.

11.) Sometimes I just want someone to hold my hand. (Note– This is NOT an open invitation.)

12.) I think the term “ugly crier” is really funny. Who is really pretty when they cry?

13.) I am horrible at reading non-fiction. Seriously horrible. I have to labor through books that aren’t fiction or don’t provide information in the format of a story. I’m always glad when I get through them, but it takes determination, which fortunately I have a lot of. (Wow that sounds conceited.)

14.) When I’m at my sisters house and her children are all in their seats waiting for dinner and usually fighting with one another, I play a game with them to keep them from fighting and to put them in better moods. I dance and make ridiculous faces until one of them cracks and laughs, and then it’s their turn to try to make everyone laugh. This is the extent of my genius as an aunt.

15.) I have never seen The Exorcist and I never plan to.

16.) I miss walking distances. I haven’t done quite enough walking since I started focusing on stretching instead. Today and tomorrow will be covered in rain so, I’m shooting for a good walk Saturday evening.

17.) I don’t do anything by half. Ever. I am totally an all or nothing kind of girl and the older I get the more I realize that this fact plays a part in every single part of my life.

18.) I love good conversation. I get a sense of being connected when I am in a good conversation and it’s not at all about the content of the conversation, while you know, I do like good content, it’s more about the attitude of the people having the conversation. I wish I could bottle the way I feel when that happens.

19.) I’m going to convert to Orthodoxy. It’s going to happen.

20.) I love puffy Cheetos. I would like to pretend that I don’t, but the truth is I would probably eat them for breakfast if I could let myself. (Note– I could never let myself)

21.) I need to clean out my car.

22.) I will probably never like yellow squash.

23.) I hate my laugh. When I hear myself laugh in recordings I feel like an idiot.

24.) I feel like I have crossed some kind of adulthood threshold recently, like in the last year or so. Things have changed… for instances I honestly feel more comfortable in less makeup than I do in tons of glitter. And I was sure that I would be buried in glitter, but as it turns out, as your get older not only does it become way less comfortable to have a hardened layer of glitter on my eyelid, it also looks weird to me. Weird.

25.) I was ridiculously excited when one of my sisters met Zak from the Bachelorette last night. Ridiculously excited.

26.) Today I learned the word pentalobe. Pretty cool.

27.) I really hate crying in front of people, which kind of sucks because my response to intense emotion of all kinds is crying. Fortunately I have learned how to hold it until I can get alone.

28.) It’s taken me all day to make this list. I got stuck without internet to my ipad midday. It’s kind of bothering me, but I’ll get over it.

29.) There are some days when I wonder just what the hell was I thinking getting a second dog? Zeke is still learning and I have a lot less patience than I should. Today was a bad day on the pet owner front, but I pulled it together once I got home.

30.) When I was a little girl I used to put myself to sleep by imagining that I had been rescued by some kind of soldier from some kind of dangerous situation and he put me on a ship and they gave me a special room with a very soft bed and I got to rest and fall asleep swaying on the waves beneath the boat.

31.) I do not like Peeps or ground meet (in most cases). It’s taken me years to get my family to understand this.

32.) When I get sick, the kind that makes you throw up, I always get Aerosmith songs stuck in my head.

33.) Because I came home in such a bad mood I had to clean my room before I could get in bed. Cleaning is like the antidote. I feel like I can breathe now.

34.) Except that I am having allergy difficulty.

36.) This evening I talked to my sister Kari on the phone for an hour and 6 minutes. She called me, which was cool because she usually calls Kristin (everyone does). We talked about work and photography and it was kind of awesome. We have more in common than I give us credit for sometimes.

37.) If you ever need to calm me down the use of sleepy time tea does wonders.

38.) I thought by the time I turned 32 I would like wine, but I still don’t.

39.) One of the greatest parts, for me, about writing letters (like actually hand writing them) is that I don’t have a copy, so I can’t go back and pour over them and beat myself up over thinking I sound stupid. The words are out of my head and given to someone else in a tangible way that I can’t control or feel bad or awkward about anymore. It is one of the ways in which I feel like I can be brave.

40.) I don’t like the words: pod, moist, secular, mucus, ratchet (the urban dictionary version) packet, or pack.

41.) I am enjoying the heck out of Wreck This Journal right now.