1.) Today was day one of cutting way back on caffein. Grim, ladies and gentlemen, just grim.

2.) The AC went out at work and my work uniform does not lend itself to such situations. Let me tell you, there’s nothing crankier than a store full of woman who have to wear makeup while sweating. Gross.

3.) I ate three nutritious meals today, two of which were actually prepared by yours truly. Not eating out + cooking good for me foods = WIN.

4.) I actually considered going to Starbucks and ordering tea just so that I could sit and smell the coffee.

5.) I don’t know if it was that I never fully woke up today or if people were just ridiculously stupid (probably a combination of both) but I had horrible problems with people understanding the plain english I was speaking today.

6.) Hugs from Tessa.

7.) Shelby greeted me at my car with a polka dot umbrella so that I could walk to the porch without getting wet.

8.) I keep thinking back over this dream I had last night that was really funny. In it, a friend was trying to teach me how to dance and for some reason I was having trouble focusing because he wanted me to hold his hand just so. Great call brain, totally pass on the perfect opportunity to have a great dirty dancing-esque dream and go straight for the funny awkward. No romance for me apparently.

9.) I love cliff bars.

10.) I watched the first episode of the new Sleepy Hollow show and it wasn’t terrible. Except for the white horse of the headless horseman. Come. On.

11.) Chick-fil-a sauce. Seriously.

12.) It rained and there’s still lightening lighting up the sky. I wish there was thunder.

13.) I finally removed all of the nail polish from my left-hand finger nails.

14.) There are some days when tired doesn’t even cut it, I just feel exhausted to the point where I want to cry until I can’t sit up straight anymore. Life is relentless, it will never stop being exhausting.

15.) Love wins and Love does.

16.) I am determined and I’m sorry if you misunderstand my determination for stubbornness.

17.) Grey pajama pants.

18.) I think one of the tricks to doing life right has to be making sure you eat enough banana.

19.) There are a handful of people I can call/text when I am irrational and frustrated who don’t judge me and I am SO grateful for that.

20.) “The powder and lotion have formed a paste”.

21.) Hot tea and lots of it.

22.) I stopped to take pictures right in the middle of the road close to my Dad’s house and got rained on.

23.) My right eye has never been so itchy before!!

24.) I have been thinking about the Love Does conference all afternoon and I’m so totally excited.

25.) One of my clients was a bride-to-be and she totally made up my mind– small weddings are where it’s at. All I really care is that the groom shows up.

26.) I wish I had a cookie right now.

27.) I just remembered that I do have cookies! Score.

28.) My second makeover client this afternoon was so sweet. She was so grateful for everything I taught her, and she paid such careful attention. I liked her a lot and I’m glad I got to spend some time with her.

29.) Cash is cute when he’s kind of sleepy. It reminds me of when he was still a baby.

30.) My bed is the most delicious looking thing I have seen all day. I am excited about getting in and being a s l e e p.

31.) Thinking and praying about my friend Sarah and the recent loss of her father, and another person who also recently lost their father. It’s hard not to grieve with people when you know what it’s like to lose a parent.

32.) I still haven’t looked for a dress for my friends wedding.

33.) I love the way my Dad hugs me and it just makes me feel like whatever is wrong will come to right.

34.) Turkey in September is a good idea.

35.) I can’t put The Bone Season down now. I was afraid in the beginning that I wouldn’t like it, but hello. It’ s awesome. I am totally breaking all of my rules about coming in too early on a set of books.

36.) Speaking of, please God, I don’t want to rush Deborah Harkness, but I would SO love to get to read book three of the All Souls Trilogy soon.

37.)  I just need to breathe sometimes. There are days when I feel like there isn’t enough of me to get everything that needs doing done.  I know that there is enough God though, and if I can just breathe, I can take it one step at a time.

38.) Kristin makes pretty awesome gravy.