I am totally exhausted.

Shelby and Tess sleep less than they did the last time we had a slumber party. Tessa woke me up at 1am to ask if I would start a second movie. Goodness.  It’s worth it, but I’m facing the fact that I might just be a real adult now because lack of sleep alone is making me feel kind of like I have a hang over.

I spent the majority of this afternoon sitting on my Dad’s front porch reading and throwing a ball to Zeke in the yard. It was soothing and quiet for the most part, Kristin was also sitting on the porch reading.  I like having a reading buddy,  I think it’s nice sometimes, even as much as I like talking, to sit with someone who is comfortable enough that you can read and still feel a sense of togetherness. It’s cozy.

I have to find a dress for a friends wedding in December.

I know it’s a wee bit early, but I have a lot going on, and I’m doing makeup for this wedding and I really don’t want to wait until the last minute. I found myself telling my sister earlier that I wanted to make sure that I look really good. I’m the only unmarried one left out of the group of people I grew up with and am still friends with.  Sometimes this doesn’t bother me at all, sometimes it bothers me a lot.  So anyway… I want to look nice. That’s all. But the thing is that today was Sunday, so I didn’t look at dresses, I casually thought about wanting to look at dresses, and text my friend to see how offensive it would be if I wore a black dress to her wedding. It’s a sunset wedding.