Tonight my nieces, Shelby and Tessa, are sleeping over.  =) IMG_9075

I never expected to enjoy being an Aunt this much. I mean, I expected to enjoy it, but I lived kind of far from my Aunt’s growing up, so I wasn’t super close to them. It’s extremely important to me to be involved in the lives of my nieces and nephews. It’s extremely important to me to be a woman that my nieces can trust and look up to.

Tonight we’ve had dinner and ice cream in bed. We’re watching The Princess Bride and I’ve gotten to listen to lots of little girl conversation, which honestly, is hilarious.

Tessa got a pink balloon from Old Navy and named it Bob.

Shelby is extremely invested in Buttercup not marrying the awful prince.

These girls are beautiful, different, thoughtful, curious, funny and they are so very dear to me.