I was her first baby. =)

I was her first baby. =)

I chose to forgo posting yesterday because I couldn’t put what I felt into words. I felt like a blogging silence and a reblog of something that a friend wrote about 9/11 was enough.

So now we move on to today. September 12, 2013. Three years ago today I lost my Mom and I miss her. I miss her smile, her laugh, and the way she just was. We fought a lot and to say that I miss even that would be a lie, because I don’t miss that. But in being able to actually miss the good things I’m also able to see that there was a lot more good that I probably realized at times when she was living.

That’s one of the things death does.

September 12th three years ago today was a Sunday and I woke up, probably around this time, on the couch in my parents house.  Two of my sisters, and one sisters boyfriend were sleeping next to me on the couch, my dad slept next to us in my Mom’s recliner.  Mom passed around 2am and we’d gotten home from the hospital around 4am and all we could do was sit down and fall asleep all together.

My Mom was a woman on earth who tried very hard to take care of people and I am blessed today as I think of her to have the opportunity to help someone close to me who is also losing  a parent in a very similar way to how I lost mine.  It’s special to me to get to help do something that is so like something my Mom would have done on this day.

I love you Mom.