Hugging my nephew Cash–

Me: I love you, Cash. I’m so glad your mommy got you from the Cash store.
Cash: Well. I found out she didn’t get me there (as he previously thought)
Me: Oh?
Cash: Yeah. I found out that I was in her belly.
Me: *Mock surprise* How did you get in there?
Cash: I know for sure that doctors had to get me out, probably cut me out, but I think how I originally got in was that I just magically appeared.
Me: I’m sure you are exactly right.

Today I was supposed to be buying a new sports bra. A really good, stretching-worthy, sports bra that doesn’t make my boobs look like a shelf. That was the goal. The very first place I looked was a complete bust (haha) in the way of non-shelf boob creating sports bras, so I abandoned my mission completely and bought another pair of yoga pants and a new light weight (very cute) hoodie type jacket. Perfect for the kind of cold I get in air conditioned buildings. I don’t know what I’ll do about the bra. I mean, eventually I’ll find one, and I’ll get over the fact that since I actually have boobs I’m going to have to spend some money unlike someone with a flat chest who basically get away with wearing one of those spandexy cloth headbands as a sports bra.

I’m not bitter, I swear! =/

I’m watching Twilight as I write this. Yes, yes, I can hear your groaning and moaning from here. I just like that it’s always raining in this movie, and it’s quiet, and it makes me feel like it should be fall weather outside, which is totally ok to pretend about from the privacy of ones own bed. Seriously.