My dogs and I are awake.

None of us are sure whether or not we like this thunderstorm that’s going on right now or not, but I’ve got Zeke distracted with The Kong, Bonka is happily snuggled on the bed where Zeke is not allowed ( a fact I think she relishes) and I am busy with this blog post… so it seems we can all live with the storm as long as it remains a background noise.

I’m rockin’ a baseball t-shirt, black leggings (which happen to be my new favorite pajama options and that’s kind of odd) and the socks that are featured below. I am freezing. It doesn’t take much for me to get cold, but when it rains and I have to be in it, even for the matter of seconds it takes to get from my car to my front door, you can pretty much rest assured that the rest of the evening I will be shivering. It’s all good, any excuse to justify wearing fuzzy stripe socks.

Oh, and I have a cookie.
The End.