I’m not one of those people who is uber organized in every possible way. I wish I were sometimes, but I’m just not. I am, however, a person who likes order.

Yes. There’s a difference in being ordered and being organized. If I were less exhausted I would try to explain the difference, but you can talk amongst yourselves to get the answer.

I like order and I LOVE restoring things to order. I get cranky and frustrated with messiness, clutter makes impossible for me to think clearly, and it actually effects my ability to rest, so the funny thing is I am not in order all of the time. You’d think that since I like it so that I would be always keeping things in order, but I don’t. I get in a hurry and things get messy and the on a night like tonight when I am exhausted, instead of go to bed early, I yell “release the Kracken!” and go on a mighty cleaning binge.

I got half done, the rest I’ll finish tomorrow. My body is done for today.