How many days do they say it takes to create a habit? 21? Anyway…

So over the span of time I’ve lived on my own I’ve tried really hard to invoke my Dad’s gift for growing things. It has been, sadly, a massive failure. I want to think that probably my ability to kill the most vital and thriving plant has had something to do with the same personality defect that causes me to burn things.

My (slow) work on developing the discipline of patience seems to have paid off, however, both in the departments of burning meals and growing plants.

Above is the evidence– Successfully sprouted tomato plant and basil! I am beyond happy with this growth, not that I had too much to do with them coming up, I mean, I put them in the soil, watered, and positioned them to get the appropriate amount of sun. If wishing counts for anything I did a lot of that too.

They are incredibly cute AND a good reminder that waiting isn’t the worst thing in the world. =)