I left the house a little early this morning so I could grab breakfast at Starbucks.

I should have invited someone to meet me here… Except, you know, it’s Wednesday morning and all of the people I would want here with me are either too far away or have to work or have children.

Oh well. Good thing that I do ok alone.
Being alone doesn’t freak me out the way it does some people, I mean it’s not my preferred way to spend time, but I can definitely find ways to enjoy it.

I people watch mostly.

Like today for instance in one corner of the store there was a group of mom’s of young children, three of them if I’m remembering, they had a laptop open playing Elmo while they sipped coffee and chatted.
In front of me was a group of older ladies in the comfy chairs, it was clear by the way they met that this was a regular event for them. They each joined the group and picked up a conversation that had clearly been started at some earlier meeting. Beyond these ladies was a table of businessmen, notebooks open, barely saying a word to one another and just to my right was an older woman alone, working on some kind of project. She was interesting because random people kept coming to her table to say a few words, I couldn’t ever grasp whether they knew her on a personal or professional level.

All that going on around me makes it seem less like being alone, even though technically it can still be lonely.