Today I start nannying!

From  now on I will being doing makeup two  a week and nannying three.

I’m really grateful for the years I have spent working in retail, even though they have been painful and heartbreaking at times, I have learned a LOT about people through them. I’ve also met some pretty rad people working there and for that I am also grateful.

It was really hard for me to make the decision to move forward, even though I knew it was the right thing to do, it’s really hard stepping out into something new, especially when it’s something that you hadn’t really planned for. It comes to the point though where it’s either take the step, or be stuck where you are forever, and I don’t want to be stuck.

It seems like this year is just the year where EVERYTHING changes. I mean, granted, most years things change, that’s part of living, getting older, moving forward in life… but this year there are so many significant changes that effect major parts of my life. I wish I understood them better and I wish I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could say I felt hopeful all of the time, but that would be a lie. The best way I can hope is for the moment inside the hour inside the day I am in and not try to extend it beyond that and just believe that I don’t have to.