Weird day.

I just had the weirdest sense of being in a movie while I was at the gas station. photo (18)

I had to stop because my light came on as I was leaving my sister’s house. I decided that while I was there I was going to get some Sprite, I pulled my right *pectoral muscle last night exercising and I’ve been mildly nauseous all day from taking pain meds, so I thought the Sprite might be soothing.

Anyway…  I got out to pump my gas and it just felt like someone was watching me. There were other people pumping gas and doing their own thing, but it still felt like something was about to happen or someone was going to start talking to me. No one did.

After I pumped my gas I went inside and got Sprite from the fountain drink machine. I don’t like the way things taste in plastic and I thought the ice might also be soothing. When I got to the counter it was awkward with the woman working there and I have NO idea why.  She was friendly, I was friendly. She asked me if I’d like to buy a Snickers bar for a dollar. For some reason I felt bad for going in and only purchasing a beverage, so I said yes. I said yes when I don’t even like Snickers and I wont eat it.  After that he smiled and told me to have a nice day (even though it was after 10 pm) and the way she said it made me feel as though I was about to step out into the twilight zone.

Everything seemed normal until I was pulling out and suddenly there were cats everywhere. I mean, everywhere. They were chasing each other in pairs and I have no idea where they all came from. It was like a stampede of cats.

I don’t know what was going on, but I’m pretty sure it means that I should go to bed. Let’s hope that I sleep better than last night, I don’t think that my brain needs sleep deprivation to deal with on top of all of this.

* I like saying “pectoral muscle” as much as possible.

** The baby skunk is for no good reason.  Enjoy!