I feel like every trip to Starbucks with my Dad gives me new insight into what Jesus as a human was like.

No one is below my Dad’s notice, no matter where we are. He’s naturally curious about people and genuinely interested in who they are. Once they’re over the initial shock of the easy way he approaches them, as though he’s been a friend for years, you can tell they enjoy their interaction with him. He makes people feel better about themselves and sometimes they aren’t sure why, but if you’re watching it happen you can see it on their faces.

My Dad is the guy who always carries cash specifically so that he has it to give when someone asks. He never asks questions. He never tries to determine if someone is worthy. He never discriminates. He sees the need and does what he can to help.

He’s the guy who compliments ladies on their pretty eyes, pretty hair, pretty jewelry for no reason and they love it.

He’s the guy who asks his servers and baristas their names because it matters to him not to treat them like robots.

I see Jesus when I watch him relate to people. I hope that it’s something that I mirror in the way I relate to people.