photo (16)Why is it when I think about Eye of the Tiger, The Final Countdown get’s stuck in my head?

Anyway… I had thought about trying to make this a Surprise Friday! titled post and then attempt to repeat it again every Friday, but the thing is that I LOVE the idea of things like that and am HORRIBLE at seeing them through. I tried to do the Instagram July photo challenge and I don’t think I made it past day 9.

So anyway, I’m just going to talk about something that surprises people a lot about me when they encounter it for the first time.

So I am uber competitive. I have been for most of my life, and I understand why this can be a little shocking to people at times. I’m a pretty low-key on the outside kind of personality. I’m a thinker long before I am a doer, or a talker (even though it is hard to get me to stop talking once I’ve started). Anyway, a lot of people misunderstand it for shyness, and it’s not at all, so I think that makes it kind of jarring when my competitive nature surfaces for the first time around someone new.

I don’t compete just to compete, I compete to win. This means two things are true: I am extremely choosy about what I compete for. I wont try at all if I don’t believe I have a really good shot at winning. And I am a terrible loser. I have no problem admitting it. I really don’t like to lose.

With that in mind the best sort of competition for me is the kind where I am competing with myself. So I like physical activity where I can measure improvement.

So I’ve been playing a lot of disc golf, and I love it because I can play on my own (even though I’d prefer to play with friends) and I can measure and see improvement. The trouble is when I get excited about something like this I push myself really hard. As I mentioned last night, I fell in the mud yesterday while playing. I should have known better than to go out, it had been raining for three days pretty steadily and of course the ground was going to be wet. But because it had been raining for three days I was really anxious to get some sunshine and air and movement in my life and I let it override reason. That picture is the clean version of my post fall hands. I wont even talk about what the rest of me looked like.

Proverbs says, “Pride comes before a fall”… and I’m sure there is some kind of pride rooted in my irresistible urge to exercise for better or for worse, however I’m here to tell you that what also comes before a fall is a lot of failing, wobbling and noises that you weren’t aware you could make.