This is why I really hate working late.

It’s 10:25 and though normally at this time of night I would have just read half a page of one of the books stacked on my beside table and my eyes would already have started becoming heavy, tonight I am about to blog about my day just hoping that reliving it all will be enough to push me to mental exhaustion. My body is already there.

If this doesn’t work I might be forced to kick it old school and heat some milk. Grim.

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I’ve been watching and rewatching videos of Liz (Lopez) Dorries, a local pro disc golfer, drive. My drive is the one thing that I really wanted to tackle this summer in my disc golf game. I don’t play with any heavily experiences female players, so watching youtube videos has really been the only way for me to see what proper form looks like.

After a few conversations with the mister who fathered me into the game (wow– my random brain is trying to draw parallels between how vampires are “made” and how one gets sucked into disc golf, but I really shouldn’t go there) I realized that my hips weren’t doing what they should. Between watching and conversation I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do. I went out this morning, early, to see if I could manage, and manage I did. I managed to make myself good and sore.

I got the hip rotation down really well and my drives improved a lot! I am still loooooving my Innova Krait, I get my longest drives throwing it. I took all of my drivers and over-all, better form means all of the discs perform better. Woohoo! As a bonus for all of my hard work, my outer thigh muscles and obliques are decimated, I’d said earlier today that I thought a little night time stretch would take care of it, but I don’t have as much faith that it will now. We’ll see in the morning, but I was also sure that my arm wasn’t going to be sore at all, and it’s not the way it usually is. Most times I throw my shoulder and elbow get a little worn out. Both of those parts are fine tonight, but my right bicep is achey.

In other news… I had chik’n nuggests for dinner that were, apparently, made out of some kind of fungi according to the packaging. Meatless and soy-less. They weren’t bad. I also had macaroni and cheese and salad. I must eat a lot more leafy greens than I give myself credit for. Yesterday when asked what her Aunt Katie’s favorite food was, Tessa replied with total confidence and a hint of exasperation “Salad. She always wants salad.” If a 4 year old notices, it’s got to be a lot.