For some reason I am really happy that it’s Wednesday, I’ve been getting ready for work and I keep thinking, “Man, I’m so glad it’s Wednesday.” I suppose it’s just because…

  • A week from now I will be flying to California and I haven’t been there in about five years. Not that I’m just in love with California or anything, I just really love getting to go places I’ve never been and there’s a lot of California I’ve never been to. I’ll be in Irvine next week.
  • Wednesday is my yoga/stretching class which usually means good sleep and I could use some of that. Staying up half the night for youth camp means my body just wants to be up until 3 or 4 every night now and I can’t handle that. No thank you.
  • I’m just glad to be half-way through the week. Although I have a lot to do before next Wednesday, so this could mean I’m running out of time, but I have a pretty detailed list of what I’d like to get done on Sunday, so I think I’m just eager to get to it.

I’m leaving for work a little early because I need to stop and get coffee. I’m hoping that gets me through work and on to the rest of what I need to do today. I could get so much accomplished in life if I didn’t have to work. Hm.