As my coworker, Sarai would say, I “go hard” at just about everything that I set my mind to.

Tonight I have a chunk of stuff that needs to get done before tomorrow, and by tomorrow I mean before midnight tonight because I have to get up with the freaking birds tomorrow to head out for Super P camp (which I am totally excited about so don’t be fooled by the under-enthusiasm for early morning).

Because I go hard, I sometimes fail to see what is actually too big a job for me alone and only realize it half-way in when it hurts. Thus, it’s not surprising that the huge bungee cord bunched wardrobe pieces that were still sitting in the back of my car from a project seemed like no big deal with I added them to my list of things to get done tonight. My first mistake was forgetting that a fairly large man put them into my hatch to begin with, my seconds mistake was thinking that heaving them over my shoulder was going to be the easiest way to carry them.

Not only were they too heavy for me to try to carry in one bunch but the act of throwing them over my should simultaneously made me feel like my arm was being ripped out of its socket, and made me lose my balance in such a way that I almost landed flat on my back on the ground. Awesome.

I’m 32 years old. I stopped growing when I was, like, 10. You’d think I would be familiar enough with my own strength to know what is do-able and what is not. But no.

Anyway. I’ve taken some aspirin and I’m moving along with the following list ( because, yes, I am just that stubborn determined) :

  • Clean out car
  • Repack car for tomorrow
  • Pack overnight bag
  • Clean office (which will, as of tomorrow, cease to be my office for a while as my sister and her boyfriend are moving into that room)
  • Load dish washer
  • Vacuum rug
  • Light a candle so that it smells all fresh in here when they start moving things tomorrow while I am not here.
  • Remember to put my Starbucks cold cup in my car for the morning.
  • Shower
  • Shave (bathing suit all day)
  • *whisper* Use sunless tanning on my albino white legs
  • Paint toe nails (hello bathing suit all day requires brightly colored toe nails, I’m sorry)
  • Blow-dry hair

I will check back in and see if even half of this was accomplished. =)