messy-makeupMaybe it’s just me.

I’ve been cleaning out my always growing cosmetic pile (“you can always unload some of that on me” trust me, I know. I know I can. I have 3 sisters and enough female friends and aquaintances to unload it all).

I need more order. I need more simplicity.

Somewhere on the makeup artist journey I forgot that most “normal” women wear pretty much the same makeup everyday and I want to get back to that myself. I don’t know if this is just a personal problem or a makeup artist problem, or a retail problem. But I’m sick to death of a million and two options. I’m exhausted with trying to decide what to wear on my face and how to wear it, and I want to feel like myself everyday, not feel like I’m putting on a mask every day. I also want/ need to be using the two plus hours I used to spend putting makeup on my face, on other things.

Maybe this is why when I see the famous makeup artists they aren’t ever done up like the makeup they put on other people. They look pretty much the same all of the time.

With all of that in mind I’m going to take this moment to go ahead and mention that even in my efforts to simplify, I will NOT being switching to a bb cream or cc cream. Ladies if you want to drink the kool-aid, by all means help yourself to a big glass, but you will have to do it without me. I know that bb’s and cc’s are all the rage right now (bb= beauty balm, cc= correction cream) but please keep just a couple simple things in mind. No matter what either of these products promise, they are made like primers. Look at the ingredients and remember that primers are built to stay on the surface of your skin. With that said you can safely assume two things-

1.) All of those great skincare benefits your bb’s and cc’s are promising are only going to go so far because the medium they are made in is built to stay on the surface of your skin, not penetrate through.

2.) No matter how much “coverage” they claim, they will not do what a foundation does. If you’re a minimal girl who wants to look like you’re not wearing anything, then it will be fine. If you like coverage you’re not going to be satisfied in the long run unless you use your bb or cc as a primer and put real foundation on top of it.

So let’s recap, bb and cc= Not a replacement for foundation, not a replacement for skincare, not a miracle in a bottle. =)