Today I went to Pluckers for the first time ever. I’m not really a hot wings restaurant/sports bar type of girl, but this was a pretty good time.

Balance is a huge theme in my life, I believe that to truly be healthy you have to intend to be balanced and take time to enjoy what’s around you, but have enough discipline not to over-indulge.

In that spirit I’ve recently learned that I love onion rings. I prefer the thicker kind to the kind of stringy kind you’ll see here. I also got a little lesson in soccer playing/watching.

20130525-142024.jpg Lunch companions : Jesse, Kaylan and Kristin

20130525-142137.jpg The baby beer is mine. It’s Dos Equis not Miller.

20130525-142527.jpg Kaylan and the huge beer.

20130525-142716.jpg food

20130525-142737.jpg soccer!