I have this problem. I set REALLY high goals for myself and then feel like a total loser when I can’t reach photo (9)them, because they are so incredibly high that it would honestly be a miracle if I managed, and I’d probably kill myself in the process.

“Respecting where my body is at today”, as my yoga teacher would say, is not something that comes easily to me. I want to push. Not all pushing is a bad thing, but there’s a line between challenging yourself and being irresponsible. I’ve crossed that line in the past… a lot.  So I work hard to be balanced, I’m learning to know when enough is enough today. 

Today is simply that- today.

In spite of what we all believe most of the time, today doesn’t have to be the culmination of all the yesterdays that have been and it doesn’t have to dictate a portion of what all of our tomorrows look like. I know we want to focus on how far we’ve come, we want to plan ahead too, and know that the choices we make today will shape our future. Those things are true and they are not at the same time. The only thing we can impact is today, so while yesterdays and tomorrows are there and they matter, they shouldn’t be what we focus on.

So today my body is tired.

Today I needed to be gentle with myself, and instead of walking as fast as my short legs would carry me, I needed to slow it down a bit and take time to look up into the giant tree branches in the park and notice the difference in the bark and the shapes of their leaves. I needed to remember that I’ve been looking at some of those sturdy trees my entire life.

Today I needed a waffle when I got home. Not the healthiest choice from one perspective, but healthy because for me it gives me a chance to be balanced in the way I think about food and remember there’s room for waffles when you are disciplined and mindful.

But just because that’s where I’m at today doesn’t mean that I haven’t worked hard in the past, or that tomorrow will be the same.


On a completely different note. I ran into Wal-Greens.

One day when I’m not working in retail cosmetics anymore you’re going to find me wandering the cosmetic isle of drug stores looking deeply confused.  How does anyone find anything on those shelves? It’s insane. All I wanted was a simple brow pencil!