Yesterday was amazing.

Someone should have told me that I would enjoy film-related makeup/wardrobing/writing a LONG time ago. I feel like I’ve been missing the key element that makes all of these little things I’m relatively good at make sense! I love it.

This post isn’t going to go into huge details (that will come later) (probably), however, I wanted to post some pictures and say some thanks.

Super big thanks to my zombie horde: Trey (who’s up-close picture I did not get so if anyone has one I would LOVE to see it, pretty please), Hayden, Ryan, Avi, and Matt. You all suffered the zombification process with reasonable dignity.

Huge thanks to Christina Guevara. my fearless assistant who possesses magical skills in getting people covered in dirt and blood. She was seriously a huge help and has great fashion sense… even zombie fashion sense. Way to get your hands dirty Chrissy! ;>

And last, but certainly not least thank you, thank you, thank you, to the boss himself, Aaron Kirk for the amazing opportunities to do makeup and lots of other stuff in a way that makes me feel better about humanity and not worse (Ha! Except, for real), and for all the fun that comes with it.