photo (6)I love my hair.

I do.

Everyone has that one thing on their own body  (hopefully) that they just wouldn’t change and feel like is one of their better features. My hair is that thing for me.  It grows fast, it’s healthy in spite of all of the things I’ve done to it, it’s manageable.

I don’t use a lot of product in it… I think it’s one of those things that never occurred to me because a.) my mom kept her hair short and she didn’t put a ton of product in it either (I must have gotten my great hair from her… my dad is bald), and b.) I don’t have to use stuff to get it straight, keep it curled, stop frizz (yes, I’m bragging here) it just does what I want it to most of the time.  So not being a big product user the only thing that I really pay attention to is shampoo and conditioner, because these things make a noticeable difference in how my hair behaves.

I’ve been working in cosmetic retail for over 5 years now and I’ll admit, I’ve drunk the Kool-aid. I’ve tried every hair care line in my store and been frustrated the entire time because my scalp- like the rest of my skin- is extremely sensitive. I would sample a shampoo and conditioner, feel like it was going to work out really well only to have a super upset scalp a week later. Not fun when you’re dropping $20 plus for each bottle. But I kept on trying, why? Because I got sucked into believing that a high-end shampoo and conditioner that was irritating to my scalp was better than an evil drug store brand.

Not so very long ago I became aware that Jennifer Aniston was representing Aveeno. This was kind of big deal, first because I’m a sucker for anything Jennifer Aniston puts her hands in (Smart Water, St Judes) (yes, I’m -that- kind of person when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, get over it) and second, because this woman has had TONS of offers from beauty brands and this is the first she’s accepted. I’ve always thought Aveeno was a good brand, even though it’s sold in drug stores, it’s gentle, it does what it says it will. My sisters have used and loved Aveeno products forever. So the next time I was in the store I decided to look Aveeno over and discovered that they make hair care.

Holy WOW.

Besides not giving me any irritation AT ALL, it smells amazing, my hair feels fantastic, it doesn’t tangle as easily while wet, and best ever? It’s $5 a bottle, not $20-something.

Love. It.

*If you do want a “high-end” brand that Jennifer Aniston has her hands in you can check out Living Proof, Jen owns a portion of the company and their hair care is really great. The only styling products I  do occasionally use come from that line.

**If you’re a pinner check out my hair board on Pinterest. It’s my newest board so there’s not a ton there yet, but still fun.