photo (4)I would say that my dreams last night were the result of paying too much attention to zombies lately, but there were no zombies in the dreams, only deaths that needed investigating and for some reason I had to be the one to do it.

I really have no idea why my brain chooses to death with information the way that it does. The night before I had a really interesting dream about tiny, mouse-like aliens who were going around injecting humans with this purple fluid. A lot of that dream took place on an airplane.

I didn’t get any crime solving done in the dream… it was interrupted by a reality cross-over, I was dreaming about not knowing where my purse was and it hindering my ability to leave a crime scene, which was when I began to wake up because somewhere in there my head knew that I actually didn’t know where my purse was and I lept out of bed, ran outside and started searching my car before I was even completely awake.

All I have to say about that is- let’s not do that again.