IMG_5370It’s cold outside and my hair is wet.

Bad combination.

Yesterday was long, of course. Prom Saturdays are always long, I can only imagine that they are as long or longer for people doing hair. I was fortunate in that the girls I had appointments with here all easy-going, knew exactly what they wanted, and their mother’s didn’t hover too much.

This entire week has been an up and down week emotionally. It’s good that I have a lot going on to keep my head busy, because when it’s not busy I stress about a million little things I don’t have control over, or I let my feelings get hurt by things that, I suppose, don’t really matter. Like this week I kept having this issue with people remembering things about me, or about us… as in things we’ve done together or whatever. It sounds dumb, I know. I just remember things about people I care about and what I’ve done with them, things I’ve seen with them, places I’ve been with them, stories they’ve told me. I remember. It always bothers me a little when people I expect to remember stuff don’t. It’s just a tiny bit crushing to realize what was significant to me clearly wasn’t significant to them, or at least that’s the way it feels. I get that there’s a lot of perception involved there, anyway… It’s always something that pricks a nerve, but for some reason this week in particular it was just getting to me a lot (please note-  this is not an invitation for readers to begin listing off everything they remember about any interaction we’ve had, I’m not look for pity memories for the sake of feeling important).

I think a lot of that is just being a girl, maybe, and being in a kind of tumultuous time in life. It feels important to me right now while everything is changing to have some things, like memories, that are unchanging.

Speaking of girlie things… I fully intend, after church, to spend the rest of the afternoon in jammies, under covers, watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 (the extended version) and Breaking Dawn Part 2 (which came out yesterday) back-to-back. I do not apologize, even though I can picture a specific person making a specific face in response to reading the above. I don’t have to agree with sparkly vampires to enjoy their movies.