IMG_5615It’s not spring yet, but hopefully it comes sooner than later. The last several months have brought on a lot of change and a lot of new opportunities. I’m changing directions just a bit with this blog, I want to make it a bit more of a personal space instead of just about my adventures in all things cosmetic.  It begins with this post.

To explain what’s been going on the past several months would take a lot of time and a LOT of words… no one really wants to read that much (seriously, you don’t), so I’m going to back up just to December and fill in a few blanks and then move forward. Forward… I find myself using that word a lot lately, when what I really want to do is press pause indefinitely. Anyway…

So December- The month I learned that face painting is fun but people are not. I don’t want to seem unkind when I saw this, so let me set the stage, if you will. I volunteered to do face painting for Whoville at the Georgetown Christmast Stroll. Whoville is a Seuss-themed kids area donated by a local church for the Stroll. The part that is really cool is that it’s free to all of the communities children, that way everyone can participate and have fun and not worry during the busy holiday season about it costing a dime.  I was and am glad to have donated my time and abilities to this kind of project because I believe it makes an impact on the people within my immediate community.  Unfortunately, the hardest part of a day of non-stop painting for about 10 hours is the unforgiving attitude of parents waiting in line. It’s amazing how willing people who are getting something for free are to make demands. Again, I don’t say it to be unkind, if I had it to do all over, I would do it the same. It’s just one of those lessons you learn.

January- I was given the opportunity to do makeup for a short film a friend of mine was making. This really turned out to be gem of an opportunity, actually. Through it I found a makeup process that I really enjoy. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the other areas of makeup that I’ve worked in, it’s just that moment where you find an area that really inspires you, drives you… that sweet spot where you feel connected and like you’ve just found your groove. As a result of that gig, I’ve joined a production team and will be working on more film related projects in the future. Which leads me to…

February-  February was a busy month (she says on the 1st of March). In some sense I feel like I just barely made it out alive. I’ve had a really emotional month because I’ve had to come to terms with some changes that need to be made and I unapologetically hate change.  It’s time for me to put my career in retail to rest. This isn’t something that I haven’t seen coming for some time now, but, as it turns out, it’s not easy to get out of.  This month I’ve made some pretty solid steps towards making it happen. It makes me nervous. I have a really difficult time convincing myself, sometimes, that I can take on new things and makeup is something I know forwards and backwards. So while all of the drama of retail work is a huge drain on me personally, at least I can rest easy in knowing that I have the skills to get the job done. I need a more regular schedule though, I need the freedom (financial and otherwise) to be able to invest more of mine time into things I’m really passionate about, and retail doesn’t jive with any of that. I’ve learned a lot of really valuable lessons while working in retail, and for what it’s taught me about communication and being able to listen to people I am very grateful. I have just come to understand that personally and professionally, one of the best things for me is to know when to say when. Better news from February… I got to spend several days in Florida with some of my favorite people and mentors, which was refreshing and inspired a great deal of hope in me. I’m also working on a really cool music video project for which I get to create zombies, and let me tell you, I’m shocked to realize how much I enjoy creating gross stuff.  I’ve been hard at work on wardrobing for these creatures and in some other creative process for the video and it’s going to pretty cool. I’ll post pictures when I have some worth posting.

That’s it for now. A bit of a ramble, I know, but I’m just in a rambling kind of place in life right now. Roll with it, I’m trying to.