I suppose this “what I’ve been doing post is long over-due… I haven’t even checked the date on my last post to know exactly how over-due it is, but oh well. Here I am.

This has been a blur of a summer for me… I’ve been traveling, going through major work changes and working on some new project, it’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun!

I certainly don’t mean to leave this blog high and dry and hopefully with the arrival of August will come a little breathing room.

Until I can get around to full review…

Anyone who’s read much of this blog should know that I adore Make Up Forever Face and Body foundation… this will go down in the history of my life as my all time favorite foundation. However, lately I’ve had the opportunity to try some new foundations and there’s at least one worth mentioning. Many have not, in my opinion, added up… simply because I cannot stand the way they feel on my face, I don’t like the feeling of having smeared pancake batter all over myself.

If you are like me and have issues with the texture of liquid foundations, while you are shopping (and after you have tried Make Up Forever Face and Body) (I swear I am NOT getting paid to pimp Face and Body) check out YSL’s Teint Resist.  This foundation is lightweight, water-based, doesn’t necessarily have to be set with powder and an extraordinary amount of coverage using very little product. Also, it lasts all day, and I really do mean all day.

I don’t think I’ve given YSL’s cosmetic line enough credit… Often I find myself seeing fashion houses with cosmetic lines a bit fluffy. The products tend to be fancier than they are effective, so you’re paying mostly for the name. However this YSL product lives up to its price tag. Check it out! =)