As most of you know, I recently went from a brunette to blonde rather drastically. I have so little patience that once I envision a change I want to see it come to fruition immediately. Don’t give me any of this gradual talk, I want it done and I want it done now.

I know this to be one of my flaws, so don’t judge me too harshly.

I’m a natural dark, ashy, blonde, but that color has never seemed to suit me and so I agreed to go much lighter. Fortunately for me my stylist, Analysa, wasn’t scared of going all in and felt that she could manage to take me from brunette to blonde without frying my hair, something I hadn’t even paused to consider in all of my rushing.

Analysa did a magnificent job with minimal damage and it has been unanimously agreed upon that this color blonde is much better for my coloring than the brunette ever was, so I plan to stick to it!

That said, whenever you take on this kind of processing, even when done with extreme care as to cause as little damage as possible, it’s inevitable that there will be some damage, and it becomes important to take very good care of your hair.  Now I’ve never been one to do too much heat styling outside of blow-drying and I do fully support the use of quality blow dryers, but with hair that’s as processed as mine, all the nice heat styling tools in the world wont really help.

It becomes necessary to use treatments to help maintain the structure of your hair and this is where Bumble and Bumble Mending Complex comes in.

I absolutely adore this product, let me tell you why…

First, this isn’t a conditioning mask, or a mask of any kind for that matter, it’s not something that you have to remember to use once or twice a week, or leave on and hang out for 20 or so minutes waiting for it to do it’s thing. Mending is a product you put on damp hair before you style and leave it on.  Any PrettySmart girl who’s had to try to make time for a hair mask of any kind during a busy week will know exactly why this makes the top of my “why I love it” list. You get all of the perks of having used a mask and still manage to leave the house on time in the morning!

Another reason I love it? You can’t feel it in your hair. Processed though my hair may be, for having a lot of it, it’s still rather fine and for that reason I’ve often found myself avoiding most leave-in styling products because they make my hair look greasy/heavy/stringy, you name it.  With Mending the only thing that is evidence that it’s in my hair is that my hair is staying pretty longer between shampoos, which means I get to shampoo less and preserve my color!

Last on my list is the smell… I’m a smell girl and while I like my hair to smell good, I don’t want it to smell like coconuts or cotton candy. Mending has a really lovely clean scent to it that stays in the hair but isn’t over powering.

I definitely recommend giving Bumble and Bumble Mending complex a try if your hair is damaged or processed. As an addition tip, if you have extremely dry hair, give Mending’s sister product, Quench, a try!