I’m short but I’m healthy, yeah…

I’ve spoken ranted here many a time about the frustrations of shopping for pants when you’re only 5ft and I’ve just about given up finding pants off the rack in the right length. This means that I have to either accept having to pay to have all of my pants hemmed… or do it myself, something I’ve shied away from in the past.

I got to thinking that if I have to have all of my pants hemmed, the it wouldn’t be so unreasonable to find a good seamstress, but I was curious about seeing just how hard it would be on my own before I shell out the extra cash.

As I don’t own a sewing machine (and my encounters with them in the past have been less than favorable) I would have to do them by hand. For this instruction I turn to my sister, Kristin, who is my researching magician. I can always count on Kristin to have posted a youtube video on how to achieve something on my facebook page after I’ve mentioned in passing that I’m curious about something.

Thus I give you:

I found this video extremely helpful and my attempt at a hem came out quite successful! The only thing I didn’t do was finish edge of my pants (because as mentioned I don’t own a sewing machine and to finish it you have to have one), but it worked fine without finishing the edge first.

I have to say that while I don’t know that at some point in the future I might go ahead and find a seamstress anyway, I feel a great sense of satisfaction in knowing I can do it myself if I need/want to. =)