This is really more like day 7 I think, but as I’ve not had anything good to report, I just haven’t been keeping a record, and as you can see from this photo, Day “4” isn’t turning out to be much of a success in the way of actually wearing the heels.

What have I learned, you ask? I have learned that heels that are uncomfortable from the moment you put them on are NOT going to feel any better after any length of time and forcing yourself to grin and bear it.

What this means is that when you’re shopping for heels, no matter how cute the shoe is, if it isn’t tolerable when you first put them on, don’t buy them.

I’m not saying that breaking in is completely impossible, it’s absolutely possible for shoes that fit reasonably well to begin with (these are the ones that feel alright when you put your foot into them and might rub the wrong way in one spot after several hours of wear).

The greatest lesson I learned through this practice was a simple one- in order to break any pair of shoes in, you must, in fact, wear them. If the shoe is so uncomfortable that you can’t wear it for any length of time, then there’s zero hope of ever breaking them in.

Buy the right size ladies, even when it means forgoing a -really- cute pair, because at the end of the day cute wont matter when it’s sitting in a shoe box in your closet.